“Bayit Cham”- Apartments for Lone Soldiers

Lone soldiers serving in the IDF are often challenged by not having a decent place to come home to like other local Israeli soldiers. That is, one where they can relax after long training drills, find peace of mind, be with family, their parents, or even a warm meal that reminds them of the comfort and memories from childhood.

“Bayit Cham,” which means in Hebrew, a ‘warm home,’ is a visionary project where “Yahad” – United for Israel’s Soldiers will combat this issue.

Currently, there is an approximation of 100 apartments all over Israel where lone soldiers live on a permanent basis. The soldiers living in these apartments are assisted by a professional staff of the “Bayit Cham” project that helps them with everything they need.

Now “Yahad”- United for Israel’s Soldiers, seeks to enhance this initiative even further so that each apartment will house only three soldiers (instead of six). This would give every soldier his/her own bedroom and private space.

To that end and beyond, every apartment is fully equipped, furnished and air-conditioned with newer amenities and design carefully in mind. In this unique opportunity to help us raise $20,000, YOU are creating a “Home from Home” and strengthening the Israeli army in a way that forever changes a life experience.

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