In gratitude and appreciation of the IDF’s service to the Jewish people in Israel and abroad, many individuals choose to bequeath their assets in part or in full towards benefitting IDF soldiers.

The Association for Israel’s Soldiers can provide the means for realizing these wishes by supplying the required documents and guiding the benefactor until the time comes to realize the benefactor’s decision.

The benefactor may want to choose a specific recipient project or dedicate a project to perpetuate or commemorate loved ones.

In this way and for years, dozens of scholarships have been granted to soldiers who show excellence but come from disadvantaged means, numerous clubhouses have been established on military bases across Israel to promote soldiers’ wellbeing, synagogues have been built on military bases and Torah scrolls provided, fitness installations including tennis courts have been built on bases, and much more. These facilities and opportunities reflect the assets designated to the IDF as the grantee and which aim to benefit IDF soldiers. Disbursement of assets bequeathed to the wellbeing of IDF soldiers is carried out and strictly supervised by The Association for Israel’s Soldiers.

Wills and bequests may allocate funds and/or other forms of assets. Acting as emissaries for IDF soldiers, The Association for Israel’s Soldiers relates to benefactors with the deepest respect and gratitude, ensuring that every detail of the bequest’s conditions is fulfilled to guarantee that those conditions are complied with as the benefactor wished. All such donations are fully transferred, 100%, towards benefitting IDF soldiers. Nothing of these donations, bequests, and gifts is used to cover overheads and general expenses.

If you wish to bequeath or grant assets or funds or indicate projects benefitting The Association for Israel’s Soldiers in your Will, please include the specific wording : “The Association for Israel’s Soldiers” – R.A 580004307.

Ensuring that IDF soldiers will indeed benefit from your gift, we suggest contacting us for the precise details on *3399.

Wishing you a rich, fulfilling life in the best of health.